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  • Verb: come through  kúm throo
    1. Penetrate
      - break through 
    2. Succeed in reaching a real or abstract destination after overcoming problems
      - get through 
    3. Continue in existence after (an adversity, etc.)
      - survive, pull through, pull round, make it 
    4. Attain success or reach a desired goal
      - succeed, win, bring home the bacon, deliver the goods

    Derived forms: coming through, comes through, came through, come through

    See also: come

    Type of: appear, arrive at, attain, defeat, gain, get the better of, hit, make, overcome, reach

  • [American idiom]
    2. [for something] to be approved; [for something] to gain approval.
    Our mortgage loan application finally came through!
    Your papers came through, and you can be sure that the matter has been taken care of.

  • [American slang]
    to produce or deliver something as promised.
      Finally, Bob came through with the money he had promised.
      I knew he would come through.


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  1. light was coming through in the corner flat.
  2. he has come through two world wars.
  3. whatever happens, i'm coming through.
  4. it's strange many letters don't come through.
  5. he's come through some bad personal ordeals.

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