come close meaning

  "come close" in a sentence
Verb: come close
  1. Nearly do something
    "She came close to quitting her job" 
  2. Be close or similar
    - approximate

Derived forms: came close, comes close, come close, coming close

Type of: act, move, resemble

[American slang]
1. Lit. to approach very near to someone or something.
  Come close to me and keep me warm.
  I didn't touch it, but I really came close that time.
2. Fig. to approximate someone or something in a specific quality.
  When it comes to kindness, you don't even come close to Jane.
  You don't come close to the former owners in caring for your property.


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  1. when i come close he just hides inside his shell.
  2. do drunkards blur reality, or come closer to it?
  3. an isolated cell comes close to satisfying the likeness of a zygote.
  4. should the object come closer than this near point, the image will blur.
  5. pricing decisions made in a collusive atmosphere come close to monopoly pricing.

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