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  • Verb: come clean
    1. Admit or acknowledge a wrongdoing or error
      - make a clean breast of, own up, fess up, own, fess

    Derived forms: coming clean, came clean, come clean

    Type of: concede, confess, profess

  • [American idiom]
    to be completely honest with someone; to confess (everything) to someone.
    The lawyer said, ""I can help you only if you come clean with me.""
    All right, I'll come clean. Here is the whole story.

  • [American slang]
    Fig. to be honest with somebody about something.
      I want you to come clean with me about your financial status.
      Sam will come clean with me. I know he will.


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  1. i think you have to come clean.
  2. his white arm was roped with prominent veins, his finely made hands too stained ever to come clean.
  3. we come clean with a . p . o . like your father wants,
  4. come clean, mr . harrison, come clean ..
  5. come clean, mr . harrison, come clean ..

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