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  1. Other species include " Colutea orientalis ", with grey leaves and coppery flowers.
  2. "Colutea arborescens " will grow in poor sandy soils in preference to heavy or loamy soils.
  3. ""'Colutea " "'is a genus of about 25 species of deciduous flowering shrubs in the leaves are pinnate and light green to glaucous grey-green.
  4. This means that if domestically grown, they should either be planted in their intended final location, transplanted as soon as possible after germination, or grafted as a seedling on to a different root such as the bladder senna, " Colutea arborescens ".
  5. "Colutea arborescens ", known as "'Bladder Senna "' John Gerard cautioned, however, that they are not true senna, " though we have followed others in giving it to name Bastard Sena, which name is very unproper to it "  is indigenous to the Mediterranean; it has yellow flowers.

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