colure meaning

Pronunciation:   "colure" in a sentence
  • /kō-lūrˈ, kōlˈ or kolˈyər/
      A great circle of the celestial sphere passing through the poles of the equator and either the solstitial or the equinoctial points
      ORIGIN: Gr kolouros, from kolos docked, and ourā tail


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  1. he has no opinion; he just takes his colure from the company he is in
  2. The solstitial colure " H ", passing through the poles of the heaven, and through the solstitial points Cancer and Capricorn, in the ecliptic.
  3. Together with Alpha Andromedae ( Alpheratz ) and Gamma Pegasi ( Algenib ), Beta Cassiopeiae was one of three bright stars known as the " Three Guides " marking the equinoctial colure.
  4. Na oure glad�s ana whilke we dellt wi mattoke, an zing t oure caul�s wi plou, wee hert ee zough o ye colure o pace na name o " Mulgrave ".
  5. The equinoctial colure " G ", passing through the north and south poles of the heaven at " N " and " S ", and through the equinoctial points Aries and Libra, in the ecliptic.

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