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  1. For the uranium that the Japanese were processing, the containers would have to be smaller or would have to be flat or columnlike.
  2. "A Massive Swelling " probably would pack the best punch with pauses between chapters, ingested in occasional installments, columnlike.
  3. Across the way is Lisa Yuskavage's " Manifest Destiny, " a characteristically ambiguous image featuring one of the artist's libidinous vixens, shown here in the shadow of a tall, icy, columnlike woman, an idealized female who has in effect become her own pedestal.
  4. And unlike most shows in the last 25 years, which have presented blankets like paintings, hung flat on the wall, this one displays them in a more realistic way, wrapped around columnlike forms almost as they were worn by Navajo men, women and children, revealing the genius of the weavers who created them.

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