cold-shoulder meaning

Verb: cold-shoulder  'kówld'shówldu(r)
  1. Pay no attention to, disrespect
    "She cold-shouldered her ex-fiancé"
    - slight
Noun: cold shoulder  kówld 'shówldu(r)
  1. A refusal to recognize someone you know
    - snub, cut

Derived forms: cold shoulders, cold-shouldered, cold-shouldering, cold-shoulders

Type of: brush aside, brush off, discount, dismiss, disregard, ignore, push aside, rebuff, slight

[American slang]
to ignore someone; to give someone a cool reception. (See also the cold shoulder)
  The hostess cold-shouldered me, so I spilt my appetizers in the swimming pool.
  Tiffany cold-shouldered the guy who was trying to f lirt with her.

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