cold shoulder meaning

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give someone the cold shoulder to ignore someone completely or be deliberately unfriendly to someone; see shoulder (7)

cold-shoulder v. (cold-shoulders, cold-shouldering, cold-shouldered)

They cold-shouldered me, the snobs.

[American slang]
n., informal Unfriendly treatment of a person, a showing of dislike for a person or of looking down on a person. Used in the cliches "give the cold shoulder" or "turn a cold shoulder to" or "get the cold shoulder". When Bob asked Mary for a date she gave him the cold shoulder. The membership committee turned a cold shoulder to Jim's request to join the club.


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  1. does miss linton turn a cold shoulder on him?
  2. she gave me the cold shoulder.
  3. he gave me a cold shoulder.
  4. she could withstand any number of cold shoulders turned against her.
  5. when wang ping asked zhang ying for a date, she gave him the cold shoulder.

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