clothes meaning

[ kləuðz ] Pronunciation:   "clothes" in a sentence
Noun: clothes  klow(dh)z
  1. Clothing in general
    "he always bought his clothes at the same store"
    - apparel, wearing apparel, dress
Verb: clothe (clothed, also clad)  klowdh
  1. Provide with clothes or put clothes on
    - dress, enclothe, garb, raiment [archaic], tog, garment, habilitate [archaic], fit out, apparel 
  2. Furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors
    - invest, adorn 
  3. Cover as if with clothing
    "the mountain was clothed in tropical trees"
    - cloak, drape, robe

Derived forms: clotheses

See also: clothing

Type of: article of clothing, change state, clothing, cover, equip, fit, fit out, habiliment [archaic], outfit, spread over, turn, vesture, wear, wearable

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  1. her clothes are always right up to the minute.
  2. i buy shoes and clothes in the night market.
  3. next, there was the matter of her clothes.
  4. i will buy her some new clothes tomorrow.
  5. i am too tired to care about clothes.

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