close the books meaning

  "close the books" in a sentence
  • [American idiom]
    to put an end to a matter that concerns someone or something. (The books here refers to financial accounting records.)
    It's time to close the books on the Franklin case.
    Yes, let's close the books on Mr. Franklin.
    You closed the books too soon. Here is some new information.

  • [American slang]
    v. phr. To stop taking orders; end a bookkeeping period. The tickets were all sold, so the manager said to close the books. The department store closes its books on the 25th of each month.


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  1. he closed the book, yawned, and went to bed.
  2. "bombs? what bombs?" his son closed the book and looked up with fright on his pale bony face.
  3. brakes screech-close the book . we're not doing that
  4. -18 hours until they close the book on you ?-eddie
  5. 18 hours until they close the book on you ?-eddie

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