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Noun: climbing hydrangea
  1. Climbing shrub with adhesive aerial roots having opposite leaves and small white flowers in terminal cymes; Himalayas to Taiwan and Japan
    - Schizophragma hydrangeoides 
  2. Deciduous climber with aerial roots having large flat flower heads
    - Hydrangea petiolaris 
  3. Deciduous climber with aerial roots having white to creamy flowers in fairly flat heads
    - Hydrangea anomala

Derived forms: climbing hydrangeas

Type of: bush, hydrangea, shrub

Part of: genus Hydrangea, genus Schizophragma, Schizophragma

Encyclopedia: Climbing hydrangea


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  1. What a sad excuse for climbers my climbing hydrangeas have been.
  2. Against the house grows a climbing hydrangea, 14 years old.
  3. And Elsley pointed out that it blooms later than the climbing hydrangea.
  4. Choose a shade-tolerant vine such as climbing hydrangea.
  5. The common name Climbing hydrangea is applied to both species.

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