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[Chemical engineering]
"A treating process for vaporized gasoline or other light petroleum product, the material is passed through a bed of granular clay, and certain olefins are polymerized to gums and absorbed by the clay."


  1. the softening effect of pink clay refines the skin's texture while toning the epidermis
  2. The line serviced facilities for mining ( e . g ., Henry Clay iron mine ), for manufacturing ( Crane's Siding clay refining plant ), and for recreation ( Pine Grove Park for excursions ).
  3. A Swedish massage is $ 65 for 50 minutes; an aromatherapy facial is $ 75; a desert clay refining body wrap, $ 70; a 60-minute astrology session is $ 100; a 90-minute fitness consultation, $ 80; a nutrition analysis, $ 75.

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