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Noun: clay pigeon  kley'pijun
  1. Target used in skeet or trapshooting

Derived forms: clay pigeons

Type of: butt, target

Encyclopedia: Clay pigeon

[American slang]
n., slang, informal 1. A popular target at practice shooting made of clay and roughly resembling a pigeon; an easy target that doesn't move. All he can shoot is a clay pigeon. 2. A person who, like a clay pigeon in target practice, is immobilized or is in a sensitive position and is therefore easily criticized or otherwise victimized. Poor Joe is a clay pigeon. 3. A task easily accomplished like shooting an immobile clay pigeon. The math exam was a clay pigeon.


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  1. you have clay pigeon shooting with lord marlborough,
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  3. Dobkin's Clay Pigeons takes its cue from the Coens.
  4. In Clay Pigeons, Vaughn makes another dubious character come alive.
  5. Grade : B-; " Clay Pigeons,"

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