cist meaning

Pronunciation:   "cist" in a sentence
  • Noun: cist  sist
    1. A box or chest. Specifically: (a) A bronze receptacle, round or oval, frequently decorated with engravings on the sides and cover, and with feet, handles, etc., of decorative castings. (b) A cinerary urn

    Sounds like: cyst

    Derived forms: cists

    Encyclopedia: Cist

  • [Architecture]

    Same as cistvaen.


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  1. october 30, 2006-soccer match, go cist !!
  2. cist pre-admission assessment form chinese version
  3. may 30, 2006-cist graduate succeed in cbu
  4. may 30-cist graduate succeed in cbu
  5. cist was authorized by ets and opened toefl test centre

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