cirrhosis meaning

Pronunciation:   "cirrhosis" in a sentence
Noun: cirrhosis  si'rowsis
  1. A chronic disease interfering with the normal functioning of the liver; the major cause is chronic alcoholism
    - cirrhosis of the liver

Type of: liver disease

Encyclopedia: Cirrhosis

Any pathological condition where fibrous connective tissue invades any organ,usually as a consequence of inflammation or other injury. n pl -rho·ses : widespread disruption of normal liver structure by fibrosis and the formation of regenerative nodules that is caused by any of various chronic progressive conditions affecting the liver (as long-term alcohol abuse or hepatitis) —see BILIARY CIRRHOSIS


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  1. the typical patient has obvious signs of advanced nutritional cirrhosis.
  2. we know very little as yet about the mental effects of severe cirrhosis of the liver.
  3. cirrhosis deaths, in both males and females increased during the same years.
  4. these complications may have a fatal outcome, or may lead to the development of cirrhosis.
  5. it has a higher incidence in postnecrotic cirrhosis and hemochromatosis than in laennec's cirrhosis.

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