chesty meaning

Pronunciation:   "chesty" in a sentence
  • Adjective: chesty (chestier,chestiest)  chestee
    1. Marked by a large or well-developed chest
      - big-chested 
    2. Having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride
      "chesty as a peacock"
      - arrogant, self-important

    Derived forms: chestiest, chestier

    See also: chest, proud, robust

  • [Medicine]
    adj : of, relating to, or affected with disease of the chest —not used technically


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  1. she often gets chesty in wet weather
  2. It stars burlesque performer Chesty Morgan and porn star Harry Reems.
  3. A nightclub owner suggested she call herself " Chesty Morgan ".
  4. The Marines established " Camp Chesty " at the abandoned base.
  5. That winter, he served under " Chesty"

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