chemical wood meaning

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  Wood pulp broken down by the action of chemicals, used in the manufacture of synthetic fibres, paper, etc


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  1. _Parchment paper : An odorless, tasteless paper made from cotton fiber and pure chemical wood pulps.
  2. The company continued to expand into the 1950s, stepping up its engineering operations while also expanding into chemical wood processing technology.
  3. North America's first chemical wood-pulp mill was constructed in Windsor mills, Quebec in 1864 by Angus and Logan.
  4. When producing chemical wood pulp from pines or other coniferous trees, sulfate turpentine may be condensed from the gas generated in Kraft process pulp digesters.
  5. The high plasticization temperature of PET in the range of is the reason why almost all common organic impurities such as PLA, polyolefin, chemical wood-pulp and paper fibers, polyvinyl acetate, melt adhesive, coloring agents, sugar, and protein residues are transformed into colored degradation products that, in their turn, might release in addition reactive degradation products.

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