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[ 'tʃænl ] Pronunciation:   "channel" in a sentence
  • Noun: channel  chan(u)l
    1. A path over which electrical signals can pass
      "a channel is typically what you rent from a telephone company"
    Verb: channel (channelled,channelling, or [US] channeled,channeling)  chan(u)l
    1. Transmit or serve as the medium for transmission
      - impart, conduct, transmit, convey, carry 
    2. Direct the flow of
      "channel information towards a broad audience"
      - canalize, canalise [Brit] 
    3. Send from one person or place to another
      - transmit, transfer, transport, channelize, channelise [Brit]

    Derived forms: channeled, channeling, channelled, channelling, channels

    See also: channelization, channelize

    Type of: body of water, bring, channelise [Brit], channelize, communicating, communication, convey, depression, direct, displace, guide, head, impression, imprint, maneuver [US], manoeuver [non-standard], manoeuvre [Brit, Cdn], marketing, move, passage, passageway, point, steer, take, television station, transmission, TV station, water

    Encyclopedia: Channel Channel, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • [Architecture]

    A structural or rolled steel shape used in steel construction.


    A decorative groove, in carpentry or masonry.


    An enclosure containing the ballast, starter, lamp holders, and wiring for a fluorescent lamp, or a similar enclosure on which filament lamps (usually tubular) are mounted.

    channel, 1

  • [Business]
    noun, verb

    noun [C]



    a television station:

    The programme was shown on Channel 4.

    a free-to-air channel (= one that you don't have to pay for)

    a cable channel


    a method or system that people use to get information or to communicate:

    Complaints should be made through the proper channels.

    Our monthly newsletter is a useful channel of communication between us and our clients.

    3 (Marketing ) (also sales channel)

    a way in which a company makes its products available to customers:

    developing new marketing channels

    Banks often act as a channel for selling insurance.

    Most of our software is sold through the retail channel (= through shops/stores rather than directly to customers).

    verb [+ obj] (-ll-, AmE usually -l-)

    to direct money or effort towards a particular purpose; to do this using a particular route:

    Most of our income is channelled into research and development.

    The government is accused of channeling funds away from health care.

    Money for the project will be channelled through local government.

  • [Electronics]
    1. A frequency (or band of frequencies) assigned to a radio or television station.
    2. See KEYWAY.
    3. A subcircuit in a large system [e.g., the radio-frequency (RF) channel of a receiver, the vertical-amplifier channel of an oscilloscope, or the modulator channel of a radio transmitter].
    4. The end-to-end electrical path through the semiconductor body in a field-effect transistor.
    5. One of the independent audio circuits in a stereo sound system (e.g., the left channel or the right channel).

  • [Finance]
    1. The system of intermediaries between the producers, suppliers, consumers, etcetera, for the movement of a good or service.


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  1. there are at present four television channels.
  2. rain washed channels in the ground.
  3. they aren't scouring any little channel.
  4. the water had worn a channel in the rock.
  5. water runs along the channel to the fields.

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