change round meaning

  "change round" in a sentence


  1. This is changing Round Rock totally.
  2. "Over the last couple of decades, so much has changed round here that we have all lost touch with our neighbours.
  3. Fortunately things changed round again and on 27 February 2001 the team achieved a 2-3 in Nou Camp for the first time in its history while one week later it completely outplayed Real Madrid in Riazor.
  4. The presence of Dell along with other major employers, a strong economic development program, favorable tax rates, and major retailers such as IKEA and a La Frontera center, have changed Round Rock from a sleepy bedroom community into its own self-contained " super suburb ."
  5. For three years from 1988, he lived in a Notting Hill flat ( rented from publisher friend Margaret Busby ) : " I brought the first draft of The Famished Road with me and that flat was where I began rewriting it . . . . Something about my writing changed round about that time.

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