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  • 1. change over especially BrE to stop doing or using one system or thing, and to start doing or using a different one instead
    Wheat was no longer profitable, and many farmers were forced to change over to dairy farming.
    change over from sth to sth
    We changed over from gas to solar heating because it's cleaner and cheaper in the long term.
    SIMILAR TO: switch over
    changeover n C a change from one way of doing something to another:
    The changeover from analogue to digital television should be complete by 2006.
    2. change over especially BrE if two people change over, they each start doing the job or activity that the other one was doing before:
    You navigate and I'll drive halfway, and then we'll change over.
    One of us would do the digging and one of us would pull up weeds, then when we got bored we'd change over.
    SIMILAR TO: swap over informal, switch over

  • [American slang]
    to convert from something to something else; to convert from someone to someone else.
      We decided to change over from oil to gas heat.
      We changed over to gas from oil.


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  1. she handed the change over the counter.
  2. heating or cooling change over at the central plant may be manual or automatic.
  3. all language changes over a period of time, for reasons which are imperfectly understood.
  4. the jupiter was now redundant as the majority of the fleet's newer battleships were either oil fired or planned to change over from oil.
  5. should he therefore drop her arm and change over

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