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Noun: chain mail  cheyn meyl
  1. (Middle Ages) flexible armour made of interlinked metal rings
    - ring mail, mail, chain armor [US], chain armour [Brit, Cdn], ring armor [US], ring armour [Brit, Cdn]

Type of: body armor [US], body armour [Brit, Cdn], cataphract, coat of mail, suit of armor [US], suit of armour [Brit, Cdn]

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  1. a defensive covering, such as chain mail, worn to protect the body against weapons
  2. protective clothing-gloves and arm guards protecting against cuts and stabs by hand knives-chain mail gloves and arm guards
  3. protective clothing . gloves and arm guards protection against cuts and stabs by hand knives . part 1 : chain mail gloves and arm guards
  4. Instead of chain mail, he wears magical tattoos for protection.
  5. It was well suited to penetrate plate armour and chain mail.

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