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  • [Electronics]
    The surface area of the electrodes in a cell divided by the distance between them. The basic linear units must be the same: for example, square centimeters for surface area and centimeters for distance.


  1. lattice binding cell constant defect distortion
  2. unit cell constants
  3. It was discovered that mice injected with BMP7 increased their production of " good " brown fat cells, while keeping their levels of the normal white fat cells constant.
  4. He decided that the body must have a mechanism to keep the total number of the CD4 and CD8 cells constant, but must not monitor the proportions of CD4 cells to CD8 cells.
  5. I would imagine that there are strick homeostatic processes that keep the volume of blood and number of cells constant, so if blood was removed energy would need to be dissipated to restore balance.

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