causal agency meaning

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Noun: causal agency
  1. Any entity that produces an effect or is responsible for events or results
    - causal agent, cause

Derived forms: causal agencies

Type of: physical entity


  1. Often there is an implication that the epiphenomenon exerts no causal agency on the fundamental phenomena that explain it.
  2. It is a pattern that can influence its surroundings  that is, it has causal agency  and can propagate.
  3. These patterns may be very illuminating and important, but the underlying causal agencies must be separately specified ( though often they are not ).
  4. By removing causal agency based on free, conscious will, Nietzsche critiques the ethics of accountability, suggesting that everything is necessary in a whole that can neither be judged nor condemned, because there is nothing outside of it.
  5. Both Cudworth's views and those of Berkeley were taken up by Coleridge in his metaphor of the eolian harp in his'Effusion XXXV'as one commentator noted : " what we see in the first manuscript is the articulation of Cudworth s principle of plastic nature, which is then transformed in the published version into a Berkeleyan expression of the causal agency of motion performed by God s immanent activity ."

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