catsup bottle meaning

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  • Noun: catsup bottle
    1. A bottle that holds catsup
      - ketchup bottle

    Derived forms: catsup bottles

    Type of: bottle

  • catsup:    Noun: catsup  ...
  • bottle:    Noun: bottle  ...
  • bottle it:    [British slang]Ver ...


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  1. in a brown cardboard box that one time held catsup bottles, our little pile of used toothpaste tubes began to grow
  2. It's a catsup bottle?
  3. No minutia was too minute _ drolly jokeless riffs on catsup bottles, cell phone calls, the movies.
  4. The gang had swept the farmhouse for fingerprints before leaving, but traces remained on dishes and a catsup bottle.
  5. In order to celebrate this roadside landmark, Collinsville hosts an annual World's Largest Catsup Bottle Festival in July.

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