catalyst meaning

[ 'kætəlist ] Pronunciation:   "catalyst" in a sentence
Noun: catalyst  katlist
  1. (chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected
    - accelerator 
  2. Something that causes an important event to happen
    "the invasion acted as a catalyst to unite the country"

Derived forms: catalysts

See also: catalyze [N. Amer]

Type of: activator, causal agency, causal agent, cause

Antonym: anticatalyst

Encyclopedia: Catalyst


A substance which accelerates a chemical reaction but appears to remain unchanged itself.


A hardener that accelerates cure of adhesives either with or without heat. Used primarily with synthetic resins.

noun [C]

a person or thing that causes a change:

The new head of sales proved to be a catalyst for change.

Something that initiates or causes an important event to happen. Originally a term used in chemistry for the volatile (active) chemical in a formula.

n : a substance (as an enzyme) that enables a chemical reaction to proceed under different conditions (as at a lower temperature) than otherwise possible


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  1. many medicines are products of catalysts.
  2. the catalyst is subjected to a uniform ram pressure.
  3. those catalysts are used in small tubular reactors.
  4. there is actually a failure of the integral particle of the catalyst.
  5. to pass the water test the catalyst should not disintegrate or crumble.

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