casern meaning

Pronunciation:   "casern" in a sentence
Noun: casern  ku'surn
  1. Military barracks in a garrison town

Derived forms: caserns

Type of: barrack

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  1. In the fall of 1914 the entire casern was completed.
  2. During World War I the casern was used to confine Eastern Front.
  3. The casern predates the division, which was not formed until May 1942.
  4. After the end of World War II around 1500 refugees and expellees came to Stephanskirchen and founded the settlement Haidholzen close to the former flak casern.
  5. The foundation continues his teachings at the historical site in Karlsruhe, a former Telegraph Casern in the west of Karlsruhe, covering a closed area of approximately 10 . 000 square meters.

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