casement meaning

Pronunciation:   "casement" in a sentence
Noun: casement  keysmunt
  1. A window sash that is hinged (usually on one side)

Derived forms: casements

Type of: sash, window sash

Encyclopedia: Casement


A window sash (ventilator, 2) which swings open along its entire length; usually on hinges fixed to the sides of the opening into which it is fitted; see casement window.


A deep hollow molding, used chiefly in cornices.


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  1. it was the first of june, yet the morning was overcast and chilly rain beat fast on my casement.
  2. i'd like to see you try to stop it, casement
  3. so, i took a fire extinguisher from the casement
  4. casement door and window d50 series aluminum section materials
  5. casement window 38 502 aluminum section materials

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