casemate wall meaning


A city or fortress enclosure consisting of an outer and an inner masonry wall braced by transverse masonry partitions, which divide the interstitial space into a series of chambers for fill or storage.


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  1. Fortifications included a casemate wall and a four-room city gate.
  2. In the spring campaign of 2006, the first domestic structures were found inside the casemate wall.
  3. His design protected a fort's gunners by placing most of them in covered casemate walls with openings for the guns.
  4. In the Iron Age ( 11th century BCE ), the site had a large mud-brick citadel, and a casemate wall.
  5. A casemate wall was built at all of these sites and the city s houses next to it incorporated the casemates as one of the dwelling's rooms.

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