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  1. Gillian Caseman, chairman of the Dover-based Kent Refugee Action Network, said many legitimate asylum-seekers are afraid to speak out, fearing they, too, will become targets.
  2. Steve Caseman called it " an exemplary combination of poetry and music, " while fRoots recorded how " human drama and frailty is read out with relish along with keen observations of behaviour that celebrates the outsider and encourages the closet revolutionary in us all ".
  3. TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO : Daurance Williams, Lyndon Diaz ( Anthony Noriega 66 ), Roland Primus, Kenwyne Jones, Nigel Daniel, Silvio Spann, Michael Lee Celestine, Clyde Leon ( Kerry Baptiste 54 ), Devon Caseman, Devon Mitchell, Scott Sealey ( Kendall Davis 61 ).
  4. TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO : Jan Michael Williams, Kenwyne Jones, Ronald Primus, Anthony Noreiga, Kerry Baptiste, Nigel Daniel, Silvio Spann, Devon Caseman ( Kern Thomas 77 ), Michael Lee Celestine, Kendall Davis ( Clyde Leon 72 ), Scott Sealey ( Jason Marcano 57 ).
  5. "It is ridiculous to be paranoid about immigrants, " said Caseman . " We would say to the government : You have to stop listening to these racist arguments and recognize that we need migrant workers to do the work that the British people refuse to do ."

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