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Noun: casein paint  keyseen peynt
  1. A water-base paint made with a protein precipitated from milk
    - casein

Derived forms: casein paints

Type of: water-base paint

Encyclopedia: Casein paint


A paint made from a mixture of skimmed milk or buttermilk, earth-colored pigment, water, and a small amount of lime; widely used in the US and in Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries.


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  1. A few older houses may have walls painted with calcimine or casein paint.
  2. Casein paint loses its solubility with time and exposure and becomes water-resistant.
  3. He rendered the illustrations in casein paint.
  4. She is best known for her fired clay figures of nude children that are realistically painted with casein paint.
  5. The interior of the 1899 church had originally been decorated with hand painted and stenciled Casein paint on a decorative motif.

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