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Noun: casein glue  keyseen gloo
  1. Made from casein; used for e.g. plywood and cabinetwork

Derived forms: casein glues

Type of: glue, gum, mucilage


Glue made from milk protein; esp. used in carpentry and joinery.

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  1. The following decades of the next century witnessed the manufacture of casein glues in German and Swiss factories.
  2. It was crafted from thin sheets of Queensland pine and walnut glued under pressure with aircraft casein glue.
  3. The casein glue, it was said, cracked when exposed to extreme heat and / or monsoon conditions.
  4. In 1876, the first US patent ( number 183, 024 ) was issued to the Ross brothers for the production of casein glue.
  5. The outcome was then baptized with a water-soluble resin casein glue ( bond 484 tacky ), poured from a plant-watering can with a shower-sprinkle spout.

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