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In suspended ceiling construction, a three-sided metal member used to support the entire ceiling assembly.


  1. Astra 5B began commercial operation on June 2, 2014 and by the end of June 2014 had 18 active transponders carrying channels for eastern Europe.
  2. It will have to reach houses in these areas through cable and satellite, and some cable companies have already said they will be carrying Channel 5.
  3. Using QAM ( Quadrature Amplitude Modulation ), a CATV operator can place usually up to eight subchannels on each channel so channel 2 may actually be carrying channels 1-8 in a viewer's city.
  4. Australian cable television concern Optus Vision said it won't be carrying channels produced by Australian Information Media ( AIM ), the pay-television venture owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corp ., John Fairfax Holdings Ltd . and Cox Communications Inc.

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