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To complete the crime of larceny, the thief must not only feloniously take the thing stolen, but carry it away. The slightest carrying away will be sufficient; thus to snatch a diamond from a lady's ear, which is instantly dropped among the curls of her hair. To remove sheets from a bed and carry them into an adjoining room. To take plate from a trunk and lay it on the floor with intent to carry it away. And to remove a package from one part of a wagon to another with a view to steal it have respectively been holden to be felonies. Where, however, there has not been a complete severance of the possession, it is not a complete carrying away.


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  1. water is used for carrying away the pollutants collected by electrodes and sheets and maintain the reactor in optimal operating conditions
  2. then laban said to jacob, " what have you done by deceiving me and carrying away my daughters like captives of the sword
  3. The animal is now entering huts and carrying away its prey,
  4. He mutilates their bodies, carrying away one of the heads.
  5. The stunned British infantry stampeded, carrying away their supporting battalions.

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