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The balance-sheet value of an asset or liability. For example, a capital asset, such as a building, will be shown at the historical cost less the accumulated depreciation to date, using the rules of historical cost accounting. Under alternative accounting rules it can be shown at the revalued amount less the accumulated depreciation to date.


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  1. the carrying amount of the bonds becomes the book value of the newly issued stock
  2. article 20 the carrying amount of deferred income tax assets shall be reexamined on balance sheet day
  3. in the consolidated balance sheet, the assets and liabilities of the combined party shall be measured pursuant to their carrying amount
  4. an increase in net carrying amount arising on revaluation of fixed assets should be credited directly to shareholders'equity under the heading revaluation reserve
  5. article 7 the " temporary difference " shall refer to the difference between the carrying amount of an asset or liability and its tax base

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