carpet meaning

[ 'kɑ:pit ] Pronunciation:   "carpet" in a sentence
  • Noun: carpet  kaa(r)pit
    1. Floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
      - rug, carpeting 
    2. A natural object that resembles or suggests a carpet
      "a carpet of flowers"; "the larvae of some moths spin a web that resembles a carpet"
    Verb: carpet  kaa(r)pit
    1. Form a carpet-like cover (over) 
    2. Cover completely, as if with a carpet
      "flowers carpeted the meadows" 
    3. Cover with a carpet
      "carpet the floors of the house"

    Derived forms: carpets, carpeting, carpeted

    Type of: cover, floor cover, floor covering, furnishing, natural object, spread over

    Encyclopedia: Carpet

  • [British slang]
    Noun. 1. ¢G3, ¢G30, or ¢G300.
    2. A 3 month prison sentence. [Prison use]

  • [Architecture]

    A heavy, durable floor covering, usually of woven, knitted, or needle-tufted fabric; commonly installed with tacks or staples, or by adhesives.

    carpet construction

  • [Medicine]
    The surface of a structure upon which one stands or walks.


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  1. the carpet has got worn with use.
  2. do not tread your ash into my carpet!
  3. the carpet is good except for its price.
  4. you 've spilled ink all over the carpet.
  5. he looked wistfully on the velvet carpet.

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