cardiac meaning

[ 'kɑ:diæk ] Pronunciation:   "cardiac" in a sentence
  • Adjective: cardiac  'kaa(r)dee`ak
    1. Of or relating to the heart
      "cardiac arrest"

    See also: heart

    Encyclopedia: Cardiac

  • [Medicine]
    n : an individual with heart disease
    a : of, relating to, situated near, or acting on the heart
    b : of or relating to the cardia of the stomach
    2 : of, relating to, or affected with heart disease


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  1. the third cardiac malposition is dextrocardia.
  2. epinephrine is a powerful cardiac stimulant.
  3. each cardiac cell is surrounded by a plasmamembrane.
  4. cardiac muscle is the muscle out of which the heart is made.
  5. a ring of muscle, the cardiac sphincter, surrounds the esophagus at this point.

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