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  • [Medicine]
    Substances obtained from species of Digitalis,Strophanthus,and other plants that contain specific steroid glycosides or their semisynthetic derivatives and used in congestive heart failure. They increase the force of cardiac contraction without significantly affecting other parameters,but are very toxic at larger doses. Their mechanism of action usually involves inhibition of the Na(+)-K(+)-exchanging ATPase and they are often used in cell biological studies for that purpose.


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  1. Bufalin, ouabain and digoxin are a few toxic cardiac glycosides.
  2. Therapeutic uses of cardiac glycosides primarily involve the treatment of cardiac failure.
  3. Cardiac glycosides, which affect heart function, are a ready example.
  4. Cymarin is a cardiac glycoside and an anti-arrhythmia and cardiotonic agent.
  5. There is a rather large homology in structure between arenobufagin and cardiac glycosides.

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