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Carboxylesterase is a serine-dependent esterase with wide substrate specificity. The enzyme is involved in the detoxification of XENOBIOTICS and the activation of ester and of amide PRODRUGS.


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  1. ple belongs to the group of enzyme of carboxylesterase ( ec3 . 1 . 1 . 1)
  2. carboxylesterase activities of the brown and the whitebacked planthoppers feeding on resistant rice varieties
  3. Carboxylesterase 3 is a member of a large multigene family.
  4. An approved nomenclature has been established for the five mammalian carboxylesterase gene families.
  5. Carboxylesterase 1 is a serine esterase and member of a large multigene carboxylesterase family.

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