capping meaning

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  • noun
    1. The action of the verb cap
    2. A covering, eg a hard crust that forms on soil during dry weather
    3. A graduation ceremony (informal)

  • [Architecture]

    Any architectural member serving as a cap, 1, such as a coping.

  • [Engineering]
    Preparation of a capped fuse.

  • [Finance]
    1. The practice of selling large amounts of a commodity or security close to the options expiry date in order to prevent a rise in market price.

  • [Oil and gas]
    The term referring to the method by which uncontrolled flow from a wellbore is halted or placed under control.


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  1. production line for filling oral liquid-capping machine
  2. exclusively developed end-capping technique
  3. standard practice for capping cylindrical concrete specimens
  4. beverage hot-filling and screw capping machine
  5. analysis of a welding structure destroy of a pressure tube capping

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