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Noun: capital stock  kapitl stók
  1. The maximum number of shares authorized under the terms of a corporation's articles of incorporation
    - authorized shares, authorized stock 
  2. The book value of the outstanding shares of a corporation

Derived forms: capital stocks

Type of: book value, stock

Encyclopedia: Capital stock

noun [U,C]

1 (Economics )

the total value of the buildings, equipment and materials that a company owns and uses to produce goods or services:

Companies adjust their capital stock in response to changes in demand.

She claims that the country is not building up its capital stock sufficiently.

2 (Finance ) (AmE)

all the shares a company can make available; the value of those shares:

The group will buy all the capital stock of the company for $212 million.

The corporation has a capital stock of $500 million.


In the USA, the equity shares in a corporation. The two basic types of capital stock are common stock and preferred stock.

Stock authorized by a firm's charter and having par value, stated value, or no par value. The number and the value of issued shares are usually shown, together with the number of shares authorized, in the capital accounts section of the balance sheet. See: Common stock.


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