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noun [C] (especially BrE)

(Finance )

a type of share in an investment trust (= a company that invests money on behalf of its shareholders). The owners of capital shares gain from any increase in value of the investments but do not receive regular payments from the company's profits. INCOME SHARE, PROFIT SHARE

The class of shares offered by a dual-purpose fund that has opportunity for capital appreciation but does not offer the holder any portion of the fixed income earned within the portfolio.


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  1. a theoretical discussion on human capital sharing the firm residual
  2. the analysis of the human capital sharing residual claim rights of the firm
  3. when operating in practice, human capital shares firm residues by way of such forms as yearly-wage, reward and stock option
  4. The link is Paris, the colonial capital shared by both places.
  5. Fajar Baru Capital share offer only 54 . 7pc subscribed, BUSINESS TIMES

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