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Noun: Campsis radicans
  1. A North American woody vine having pinnate leaves and large red trumpet-shaped flowers
    - trumpet creeper, trumpet vine

Type of: Bignoniaceae, family Bignoniaceae

Encyclopedia: Campsis radicans


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  1. study on tissue culture of campsis radicans
  2. We considered ivies, Boston especially, but finally chose trumpet vine, Campsis radicans.
  3. A : Trumpet creeper ( " Campsis radicans " ) is a Texas vine that produces seed capsules after flowers.
  4. A native of East Asia, China and Japan it is less hardy than its relative " Campsis radicans ".
  5. _Campsis radicans ( trumpet vine ) : fast-growing; can damage buildings and be invasive; yellow, orange and red varieties.

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