campodeiform meaning

Pronunciation:   "campodeiform" in a sentence
  Of or resembling the Campodēˈidae, like certain six-legged, hard-bodied active insect larvae


  1. Beetles with somewhat flattened, highly mobile larvae include the ground beetles, some rove beetles, and others; their larvae are described as campodeiform.
  2. In typical examples the first-instar larval morphology is campodeiform ( meaning : elongated, flattened, and active, more or less resembling the morphology of insects in the genus " Campodea " ).
  3. Mantispinae have the most specialized larval development among all mantidflies studied to date ( the life history of the Drepanicinae remains unknown ) : their campodeiform larvae seek out female spiders or their egg sacs which they then enter; the scarabaeiform larvae then feed on the spider eggs, draining egg contents through a piercing / sucking tube formed by modified mandibles and maxillae, pupating in the egg sac.

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