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[ kɔ:l ] Pronunciation:   "call" in a sentence
  • Verb: call  kol
    1. Assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to
    Noun: call  kol
    1. A telephone connection
      "she reported several anonymous calls"; "he placed a phone call to London"; "he heard the phone ringing but didn't want to take the call"
      - phone call, telephone call 
    2. A loud utterance; often in protest or opposition
      - cry, outcry, yell, shout, vociferation 
    3. A demand especially in the phrase "the call of duty"
      - claim 
    4. The characteristic sound produced by a bird
      - birdcall, birdsong, song 
    5. A brief social visit
      "senior professors' wives no longer make afternoon calls on newcomers"; "the characters in Henry James' novels are forever paying calls on each other, usually in the parlour of some residence" 
    6. A demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement
      - margin call 
    7. A demand for a show of hands in a card game
      "after two raises there was a call" 
    8. A request
      "many calls for Christmas stories"; "not many calls for buggywhips" 
    9. An instruction that interrupts the program being executed
      "Pascal performs calls by simply giving the name of the routine to be executed" 
    10. A visit in an official or professional capacity
      "the pastor's calls on his parishioners"; "the salesman's call on a customer" 
    11. (sports) the decision made by an umpire or referee
      "he was ejected for protesting the call" 
    12. The option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date
      - call option
    Noun: Call
    1. A special disposition (as if from a divine source) to pursue a particular course
      "he was disappointed that he had not heard the Call"

    Sounds like: caul

    Derived forms: calls, calling, called

    See also: call forth, call out, call up, callable, caller, calling

    Type of: address, adjudge, animal communication, arouse, ask, asking, awaken, bespeak, call for, challenge, command, conclusion, consider, decision, declare, defer, demand, determination, disposition, dispute, emit, enjoin, entice, exact, expect, gainsay, get together, guess, hazard, hold, hold over, inclination, indicate, instruction, label, let loose, let out, lure, meet, option, order, play, postpone, pretend, program line, prorogue, put off, put over, quest, read, reckon, regard, remit, request, require, rouse, say, see, set back, shelve, statement, stop, stop over, table [N. Amer], telecommunicate, telephone, telephony, tell, tempt, tendency, turn to, utter, utterance, venture, view, visit, vocalization, wake, wake up, waken

    Part of: card game, cards, span, straddle

    Encyclopedia: Call

  • [American slang]
    to choose someone to do something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.)
      I call upon all of you to make your feelings known to your elected representatives.
      I called on George for his help, but he refused.

  • [British slang]
    Verb. To insult (someone). [North-west use]

  • [Business]
    verb, noun


    1 [+ obj or no obj]

    to telephone sb:

    You can call him on his cellphone.

    I called the office to tell them I'd be late.

    2 [no obj] (especially BrE) call (on sb/in)

    to make a short visit to a person or place:

    I was out when the sales rep called.

    3 [+ obj]

    to order sth to happen; to announce that sth will happen:

    I've called a meeting of the management team to try resolve the problem.

    The union has called a national strike. See note at ARRANGE

    4 [+ obj]

    to predict what will happen to sth:

    She believes that analysts have called the bottom of the market (= predicted that the prices of shares, etc. will begin to rise) too early.

    The retail sector is much harder to call.

    5 [+ obj] (often be called)

    to order sb to come to a place:

    Several candidates were called for a second interview.

    The CEO called the whole team into her office to tell them the bad news.

    6 (Finance ) [+ obj] call sth (back/in)

    to demand that sb immediately pays back the money they owe:

    The bank has threatened to call a €460 million loan.

    The company's creditors have called in the debt.

    7 (Finance ) [+ obj] call a bond | call in a bond

    to pay back the money that was borrowed with a bond:

    The bond can be called after five years for a price of $1 100.

    8 (Law ) [+ obj]

    to require sb to give evidence to a court or to government officials:

    to call a witness

    The chairman has been called to testify to Congress.


    call (sb) collect (AmE)

    to make a telephone call which is paid for by the person that you are telephoning:

    Overseas customers can call collect by dialling ...


    call in the receivers

    to appoint an independent person to manage the financial affairs of a business because it is unable to pay its debts:

    The company has called in the receivers after losing the support of its bankers.

    call sb/sth to order

    to ask people in a meeting to be quiet so that the meeting can start or continue

    call the shots/tune (informal)

    to be the person who controls a situation

    PLAY noun, QUESTION noun


    call back

    to visit sb again for a particular purpose:

    I'll call back for your order this evening.

    call back; call sb back

    to telephone sb again or to telephone sb who telephoned you earlier

    call for sth; call for sb to do sth

    to publicly ask for sth to happen; to need sth:

    The business plan calls for further cost reductions.

    The board has called for his resignation.

    call in

    to telephone a place, especially the place where you work:

    Several people have called in sick today.

    call sb in

    to ask for the services of sb:

    We called in Ernst & Young as consultants.

    call sth in (Commerce )

    to order or ask for the return of sth:

    Cars with serious faults have been called in by the manufacturers.


    call sth off

    to cancel sth; to decide that sth will not happen:

    The deal was called off after the buyer reduced its offer.

    See note at POSTPONE

    call on sb (also call upon sb) (formal)


    to ask or demand that sb do sth:

    The unions have called on government to support their demands.


    to visit sb for a short time:

    Her job is to call on schools to talk to teachers about the material.


    to formally invite or ask sb to speak:

    I now call upon the chairman to address the meeting.

    call up; call sb up

    to telephone sb:

    People call up all the time with ideas for new games.

    He calls up his clients regularly.

    call sth up

    to use sth that is stored or kept available:

    I called up his address on the computer.



    1 (also phone call) [C]

    the act of speaking to sb on the telephone:

    I got a call from our supplier.

    Were there any calls for me while I was out?

    I'll take (= answer) the call in my office.

    This is a courtesy call from your bank.

    We offer low rates for international calls.

    I left a message but she didn't return my call.

    Peak-time calls are about $1.30 a minute.

    The software routes incoming calls (= calls that you receive) directly to your voice mail when you are online.

    ❖ to give sb/make/return a call

    ◆ to get/have/receive a call from sb

    ◆ an international/a local/long-distance call

    2 [C]

    a short visit to sb's house:

    I've got five calls to make this morning.

    He paid a call on three of his clients yesterday.

    3 [C]

    a request, an order or a demand for sb to do sth or to go somewhere:

    The Bank has resisted calls for a cut in interest rates.

    This is the last call for passengers travelling on flight AF3043 to Toulouse.

    4 [sing.] a call on sth | no call for sth

    the demand for sth; no demand for sth:

    Warmer temperatures have reduced the call on heating oil.

    There isn't a lot of call for small specialist stores these days.

    She is a busy woman with many calls on her time.

    5 [C]

    a decision; an act of predicting sth:

    It's your call!

    Traders have made a number of bad calls in recent months.

    It's a tough call to know how the markets will respond to the news.

    6 (Finance ) [C] = CALL OPTION

    7 (Finance ) [C]

    a situation in which a company asks shareholders to pay part of the money that they owe for their shares:

    The directors have made a call of 10 cents a share.

    Shareholders will be given at least 14 days' notice of a call.

    CALLABLE (2)


    at/on call

    if your money is at/on call with a bank, you can have it when you like, but you have to warn the bank before you can take it out. Banks invest money that is at/on call and pay you a higher rate of interest:

    Clients can invest their money at call or for fixed terms.


  • [Economics]
    1) A demand for a payment due on nil or partly paid stocks; this procedure has been common with the privatization programme of the UK government since 1979. It consists of a demand to pay a specified amount of money by a specified day; if payment is not made by the due date the shares can be forfeit.

    2) A notification that redeemable shares or bonds should be presented for repayment.

    3) A demand made on a client by a securities house, stockbroker, etc, for a partial payment of the client's debt because the value of the collateral so far provided has fallen.

  • [Electronics]
    1. In communications, a transmission by a station for the purpose of either alerting a particular receiving station for which there is a mes-
    sage, or alerting all receiving stations to prepare them for a general broadcast message.
    2. In a computer program, a branch to a closed subroutine; also, to branch to such a subroutine.

  • [Finance]
    An option that gives the holder the right to buy the underlying futures contract.

  • [Law]
    n. 1. A ceremony at which students of the Inns of Court become barristers. The name of the student is read out and he is "called to the Bar" by the Treasurer of his Inn. Call ceremonies take place four times a year, once in each dining term.
    2. A demand by a company under the terms of the articles of association or an ordinary resolution requiring company members to pay up fully or in part the nominal value of their shares. Unless the articles provide otherwise, calls must be made equally upon all shareholders of the same class. Calls should be distinguished from instalments, which become due upon a date predetermined at the time the shares were issued. See also PAID-UP CAPITAL.
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  1. he answered the call of duty and enlisted in the army.
  2. call room service and ask for some coffee.
  3. their mating calls left no room for doubt.
  4. you may call my facies whimsical.
  5. let 's tell the noses and call it a day ..

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