by themselves meaning

  "by themselves" in a sentence
[American slang]
1. with help from no one else.
  Do you think they can do it by themselves?
  Mike and Max cannot lift the piano by themselves.
2. with no one else present; alone (of two or more people).
  They are sitting there by themselves. Let's sit with them.
  They enjoy spending the evening at home by themselves.


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  1. the new owners of the estate lands would be forced to sink or swim by themselves.
  2. on this occasion, in consequence of nora being unwell, owen and frankie went by themselves.
  3. i always speak my mind, and i cannot bear the idea of two young women traveling post by themselves.
  4. when the dessert and the wine were arranged, and mrs. dasshwood and elinor were left by themselves.
  5. recently, it has been shown that such substances, either by themselves or by virtue of their impurities or reaction products, are teratogens.

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