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  • Adverb: by chance
    1. By accident
      - haply [archaic], by luck 
    2. Without advance planning
      - accidentally, circumstantially, unexpectedly 
    3. [archaic] Through chance, "To sleep, perchance to dream.."
      - perchance [archaic]

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  • [American idiom]
    by accident; without cause; randomly.
    The contestants were chosen by chance.
    We met only by chance, and now we are the closest of friends.

  • [American slang]
    accidentally; randomly; without planning.
      I found this book by chance at a book sale.
      We met by chance in a class in college.


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  1. a good fortune fell by chance on me last night.
  2. no one discovers a rarity by chance.
  3. the game was fixed for me by chance.
  4. i met him by chance at canterbury cathedral.
  5. i met her quite by chance.

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