by and by meaning

  "by and by" in a sentence
1. At some future time
2. Before long, presently
3. In the course of time
4. In succession, in order of succession (obsolete)

[American idiom]
after a period of time has passed. (Most often seen in children's stories.)
By and by the bears returned home, and can you guess what they found?
And by and by the little boy became a tall and handsome prince.

[American slang]
at some time in the future; as time passes.
   The weather's sure to clear up by and by.
  You may think your heart is broken, but you'll feel better by and by.


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  1. we'll talk of that by and by.
  2. the clouds will disappear by and by.
  3. they will be arriving by and by.
  4. i will see him by and by.
  5. his dreamings and readings worked certain changes in him, by and by.

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