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1. buzz around/about/round sthbuzz around/about/round if something, especially an insect, buzzes around, it moves around making a continuous noise, especially one that is annoying:
He was kept awake by a mosquito, which was buzzing around his hotel room all night.
Jet Skis were buzzing around on the bay.
2. buzz around/about/round sthbuzz around/about/round especially BrE if thoughts or ideas are buzzing around in your head, you are thinking quickly about a lot of things and it is difficult to think clearly:
I've got a million and one things buzzing around my head at the moment.
3. buzz around/about/round to move quickly around a place doing a lot of jobs in a busy way:
The director buzzed around checking the cameras and lighting.
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  1. does that tickle your vanity when a swamp of flies buzzes around you
  2. with all the buzz around the c and . net strategy, some might wonder what the linux community is doing in reaction
  3. The buzz around the film centered largely on a reshot ending.
  4. Now the word is starting to buzz around the Georgia Capitol.
  5. The fly that buzzes around has rightly pegged him for carrion.

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