buy limit order meaning

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  • [Business]
    noun [C]

    (Stock Exchange )

    an instruction to a broker to buy a number of shares, bonds, etc. at a particular price or lower SELL LIMIT ORDER

    ❖ to execute/place a buy limit order

  • [Finance]
    A conditional trading order that indicates a security may be purchased only at the designated price or lower. Related: Sell limit order.


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  1. to buy : place a buy limit order with a limit price
  2. buy limit order
  3. A " buy limit order " can only be executed at the limit price or lower.
  4. That will decrease the number of proposed purchases, both because more buy limit orders will fail and because of proprietary traders.
  5. For example, if a buy limit order for 100, 000 shares for $ 1 . 00 is announced to the market, many traders may seek to buy for $ 1 . 01.

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