burst with meaning

  "burst with" in a sentence
be bursting with sth/sb to have a lot of something, especially a particular feeling or quality, or to be full of people or things:
Helen, our teacher, was bursting with confidence and energy.
The 1996 vintage is delicious - bursting with flavour.
When we arrived at the concert, the hall was bursting with people.
He was a grey-haired dynamo of a man, bursting with ideas and good humour.


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  1. the tyre burst with a loud report.
  2. the balloon burst with a bang.
  3. so this had been a trick to lure the tiger from the mountain ! zhu laogong's lungs nearly burst with rage.
  4. i felt as if my heart would burst with joy
  5. i felt as if my heart would burst with joy

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